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Office: GOL-3671
Phone: 475.4986

Schedule for Spring Term 2019-20 (2195): Schedule

Office Hours (2191):
Monday: 10:00am -- 11:00am
Wednesday: 11:00am -- 12:00pm
Thursday: 12:00pm -- 1:00pm
(Other times by appointment)


Courses I've taught:
  1. Biologically Inspired Intelligent Systems (CS)
  2. CS I (CS-231)
  3. OS Scripting (NSSA-402)
  4. CS II (CS-232)
  5. Computer System Fundamentals (NSSA-350)
  6. Information Security Policies (NSSA-360)
  7. CS III (CS-233)
  8. Perl for Sys Admins (NSSA-521/721)
  9. Programming for IT I (IST-217)
  10. Programming for IT III (IST-219)
  11. Platform Independent Client Server Programming (NSSA-212)
  12. Intro to Multimedia (IST-320)
  13. Scripting in Perl (NSSA-302)
  14. Introduction to Programming in C++ (IST-208)
  15. Cyber Self Defense (NSSA-220)
  16. Programming for IT II (IST-218)
  17. Computer Network Fundamentals (NSSA-351)
  18. IT Freshmen Seminar (IST-201)
  19. C++ Programming in Network Security (NSSA-211 Independent study)
  20. Programming With Classes (IST-210)
  21. Interactive programming in Flash (IST-331)
  22. Intro to Database and Data Modeling (IST-360)
  23. System Administration I (NSSA-421)
  24. Computational Problem Solving in the Net Domain I (ISTE-100)
  25. C++ For Programmers (ISTE-202)
  26. Intro to Scripting (NSSA-220)
  27. Intro to CS Theory (CSCI-262)
  28. Computer Science II (CSCI-142)
  29. Mechanics of Programming (CSCI-243)
  30. Topics in Languages and Tools: Scripting Languages (CSCI-749)
  31. Intro to Intelligent Systems (CSCI-331)
  32. Intro to Cryptography (CSCI-462)
  33. Xtreme Theory (CSCI-464)

Current Research Interests:
Awards and Recognitions:

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