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Research Paper Presentation


The goal of the last assignment is to read, understand and criticize a research paper related to the course. You need to first read the paper carefully to have a thorough understanding of the presented research. You will then present the paper in front our your classmates. In the presentation you should also include your take on the paper (e.g. criticism or potential applications).


The ultimate goal of presenting a paper is to encourage the audience to read the paper. The talk does not replace the paper. Good talks give the gist of the idea and explain why it is interesting/important. A good way to present the idea of a research paper is to use a running example through the presentation. You can use the example (e.g. a simple program) to define and motivate the main challenge that the paper is trying to address. Giving a decent academic talk takes effort. You need to practice your talk e.g. by presenting it to your colleagues and friends before your actual talk. There are various online resources to learn more about giving effective talks. For example, this page at Microsoft Research contains useful resources.

Paper Selection

The first step of this project is to find a good research paper related to the topic of the course. Ideally your choice of paper interests you the most and you feel enthusiastic about presenting it in the class. You are only allowed to choose a paper that is published in one of the following top conferences:

Not all the good programming language papers are necessarily presented in these conferences, there are other good conferences and journals as well. However, since these conferences have extremely selective review processes, the chance that they publish a low-quality paper is very low.

Presentation Format

Your talk should be exactly 10 minutes, with a couple of minutes for Q&A after the talk (no question is allowed during the talk). We will be strict about time allocation since we want to ensure that each student gets a fair share of time. Your presentation should contain a clear description of the paper as well as your opinion about it. Ideally, you criticize the paper by discussing its shortcomings and strengths. Please avoid talking about minor issues such as the quality of the images. As your opinion about the paper, you can also present potential applications, various ways that the idea can be extended as future work or any other personal view.
You can e.g. spend 5 minutes for presenting the paper and 5 minutes for presenting your opinion. This can be different for different papers, but keep in mind that both parts (paper presentation and opinion) are important for your talk. We strongly recommend using slides for your presentation (a reasonable number of slides, not a huge number of slides like 100). Please either bring a laptop or ask a classmate to use his laptop to connect to the video projector in class. You are allowed to write on the board for discussions or answering to the questions.


It is important for you to present the paper in a clear way that everyone (classmates and instructor) understand the paper. The audience will receive grading forms before your talk. Each person will give you a grade both for your presentation and the quality of your personal opinion about the paper. We gather all the forms and your grade will be the average of the scores. The presentation date is according to the class schedule. Please ensure to attend both presentation days, your presence is importance for your talk and for giving grades to your classmates!

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