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 +====== Programming Assignment 5 ====== 
 +  * Type Systems {{ :​plc16:​assign:​prog05-typesys.pdf |pdf file}} 
 +  * This is a **pair** programming assignment. 
 +  * If you wish to identify a partner, then please e-mail me your selection by noon on Monday (Oct. 17).  
 +    * An e-mail from one member of the group to me and CC-ed to the other member suffices; no need for both to e-mail me. 
 +  * After noon on Monday, I will randomly form groups from those that have not identified a partner and send out the final group assignments 
 +  * Extensions may be used on the pair programming assignments. ​ (Programming 08 will also be a pair programming assignment.) \\ Both members of the group will be charged one extension token. 
 +  * Must be turned in no later than 11:59 PM on Wed. 10/26   ​(https://​ 
 +  * Read the [[plc16:​assignment_policies|Assignment Policies]].
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