Virtual and Augmented Reality

Farewell to Dawn Farewell to Dawn
Farewell to Dawn is a mixed reality dance performance which explores two dancers’ voyage from a physical space to a virtual stage and back, as the day passes before them. Performance of the piece is achieved using the Mixed Reality Stage, a VR theatre platform that integrates motion capture and augmented reality (AR) with a distributed 3D gaming engine.
VR Object Manipulation Gaze and Gesture Based Object Manipulation in Virtual Worlds
In this work we present a framework for enabling the use of both eye gaze and hand gestures for interaction within a 3D virtual world. We define a set of natural interaction mechanisms for manipulation of objects within the 3D space and describe a prototype implementation based on Second Life that allows these mechanisms to be used in that world. We also explore how these mechanisms can be extended to other spatial tasks such as camera positioning and motion.
Virtual Theatre Virtual Theatre
Imagine preparing to go to a live theatrical performance. Like most theatre, excitement is in the air. The difference is that in this performance, you are sitting at home. No need for lights, sets, and dressing rooms. The action takes place in a virtual world: the actors are all avatars, the sets and lights are virtual, all carefully created and designed by artists; and the performance is realized by using specialized software interfaced with motion control devices, data gloves, and a virtual stage manager. A cast and crew of programmers, artists, and performers networked together from locations around the world anxiously prepare, wondering how the audience will respond to their performance. To enable such a performance is the primary goal of the Virtual Theatre project.
Teaching in VR Teaching in Virtual Worlds
This work involves an experimental section of a Computer Science course focusing on animation, offered entirely in the virtual world of Second Life. The goal of the experiment was to discover whether worlds like Second Life could be used effectively to teach computer graphics in a distance-learning environment.


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Performance Capture Using
Multiple Xbox Kinects
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Enabling Performance Capture
in an OpenSim Virtual World
using the Kinect
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Gaze and Gesture Based
Object Manipulation
in Virtual Worlds
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Virtual Theatre at ImagineRIT.