Art, Music, and Graphics

music video Exploring the Intersection Between Art, Music, and Technology
This work describes a collaborative learning experience between students from the visual arts and computing sciences exploring the intersection between art, music, and interactive technology. Our goal is to provide an experiential learning environment that models industry in an experimental setting; fostering innovation and advancing the students skills while exposing them to technologies from other disciplines. It is our goal that the experience will assist them in developing critical problem solving approaches to project management.
Nostalgia Project The Nostalgia Project
The Nostalgia Project is in a collaborative work between musicians, artists, computer scientists, and the general public. It draws upon web-based photo sharing, text messaging, and musical performance to explore the notion of nostalgia, merging the visual image with music both responding to and affecting the other.


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PULSE: Audience Heartbeats
Visualized to Music
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Exloring the Intersection
of Art, Music, and Technology
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The Nostalgia Project