Gaze Manipulation

We developed a novel technique called Subtle Gaze Direction (SGD) that combines real-time eye-tracking with subtle image-space modulation to direct a viewer's attention about a digital image. SGD has minimal impact on the viewing experience as the technique does not affect the overall appearance of the scene being viewed. All modulations occur in the low-acuity peripheral regions of the field of view so the viewer is never allowed to scrutinize the modulations. The technique is fast; viewers typically attend to target regions within 0.5 seconds of the onset of the modulation. And despite measures taken to ensure subtlety, the technique is quite accurate, typically resulting in fixations within a single perceptual span of the target.

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Guiding Attention in Controlled
Real World Environments
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Subtle gaze manipulation for
improved mammography training
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Impact of Subtle Gaze Direction
on Short-Term Spatial
Information Recall