Column-Oriented Database Application Evolution Using Conceptual Models


Schema design for NoSQL column-oriented database applications follows a query-driven strategy where each table satisfies a query that will be executed by the client application. This strategy usually implies that the schema is denormalized, as the same information can be queried several times in different ways, leading to data duplication in the database. Because the schema does not provide information such as where the data is duplicated or the relationships between conceptual entities, developers must use additional information when evolving the database. One strategy for accessing this information is to use a conceptual model that must be synchronized and kept consistent with the physical schema. In this work, we propose a column-oriented database application evolution framework that consists of four sequential stages: 1) Reflect the schema change in the conceptual model. 2) Take the necessary actions in the schema to maintain consistency between the new conceptual model and the schema 3) Maintain data integrity through migration of data. 4) update and adapt the client application to the new schema.

Apr 7, 2022 1:00 PM — 1:15 PM
Pablo Suárez-Otero
Pablo Suárez-Otero