Ankush Kawanpure

Graduate Student
B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester NY

Design and Analysis of Wallets for Selected Cryptocurrencies

Week 5 Progress report:

Report date

Feb - 19 - 2018

Week 5

What I accomplished this week:

  • Continued learning about cryptocurrency storage and wallets
  • Studied Hierarchical key generation in hierarchical deterministic wallets
  • Studied Bitcoin improvement proposal 32 (BIP 0032) Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets bip-0032
  • Studied Multisignature wallet construction
  • Experimented with bitcoinj and bitcoin testnet
  • Presented project topic and description presentation in the Colloquium class. Presentation
  • Attended SIRA seminar presentation by Saurabh Gandhele on Expanding Universal Second Factor (U2F) to Non-Browser Applications.

Key challenges faced:

  • Solving bitcoinj and docker bitcoin testnet connection issue was challenging as docker does not open the specific port on the local network unless specified.

Plans for week 6:

  • Prepare the slides for SIRA group presentation on Friday Feb 23.
  • Start with the implementation of simple wallet software.