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Student Employment

Student Employment

Teaching Assistants, Graduate Assistants, and Lab Manager Positions (for graduate level students only)
Teaching Assistants (TA) instruct and grade labs, hold office hours, and teach help sessions, and special recitation sessions to help to prepare CS students for upcoming exams. Graduate Assistants (GA) provide support to the Systems Administrators, troubleshooting systems and printer problems, assisting faculty and students with issues related to systems, servers and accounts and other related duties as assigned. The Lab Manager will encompass many things in the areas of lab operation and the interviewing, selection, and scheduling for lab assistants, all related to hiring and time card paperwork and other related duties as assigned. For an application for these positions click here.

Student Lab Instructor
Student Lab Instructors (SLI) assist faculty in the delivery and grading of a programming based laboratory. The job requires you to work an average of 10 hours a week for 15 weeks. For a complete job description, including requirements for the position, click here.

To apply, please fill out a Job Application and it submit to Jordan Gates, GOL (70), Room 3005, in the Computer Science Department’s Main Office. Completed applications can be emailed to

Graders assist professors by grading homework assignments and/or projects (NOTE graders do not grade exams). The amount of time that you will spend grading varies but it will typically not exceed 10 hours per week.

If you are interested in working as a grader, take a look at the schedule of courses for the term in which you want to grade. Find those courses you are qualified to grade for and make appointments to see the professors teaching those courses. Tell them you are interested in grading for them and what course you would like to grade. Different professors have different requirements for graders. Minimally they will expect that you are a student in good standing and that you have taken the course you want to be a grader for. Most professors start looking for graders at the beginning of the term or towards the end of the previous term.

When a professor agrees to hire you as a grader, they will help you to fill out a student grader contract. Once you have completed this form and it has been signed by the professor, bring it to the Computer Science Department’s Main Office (GOL 70-3005) and see Jordan Gates. Jordan will help you complete the necessary paperwork so that you will be paid.

Office Assistant
We hire students to work in the CS main office. Students working in the office help out with various clerical tasks such as answering the phones, making copies, helping staff setup events, and so on. The number of hours that you will work varies but your hours will be sometime during the normal workday (Monday through Friday 8am to 4:30pm). Note that we do not typically hire students enrolled in any of the CS programs to work in the office.

If you are interested in working in the office, come to the main CS office (GOL 70-3005) and ask for Jordan Gates. He can help you out with the application process.

Students in the following majors may not apply for the clerical positions: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Security, Computational Math and Computer Engineering.

Lab Assistant
The Computer Science Department is currently accepting applications for the position of lab assistant for the Summer 2188 term beginning on 05/16/19. To apply, please fill out a Job Application. Completed applications can be emailed to

Other Employment Opportunities for Students
For additional employment opportunities in other departments across RIT visit the Student Employment Office web site.

Students seeking co-op positions should visit the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education