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Kenny Xu

Kenny Xu: Play Video  

Like so many college freshmen, Kenny Xu wasn’t sure what he wanted to major in. He knew he loved computers, but he wasn’t sure what aspect of computing would be most appealing. Fortunately for Xu, Golisano College features the Computing Exploration Program, offering students the chance to find the right fit for them.

The Computing Exploration Program is an innovative offering that Golisano College introduced in response to the burgeoning number of computing-related disciplines. We understand that computing can change lives in myriad ways and we strive to offer our students every opportunity to find the path or paths that they feel most passionate about.

Xu explains, “one of the great things about the Golisano College is that it offers the Computing Exploration Program…which shows you all the different majors. Through [the program], without losing any time toward graduation, I was able to choose a major I now love.”  The German-born Xu has already received a co-op opportunity at Citibank and plans to work at a “tech giant” in the future.