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Dr. Walter A. Wolf

Dr. Walter A. Wolf

Email: waw AT


Walter was born on Long Island in 1942 and has not yet recovered. His education includes degrees from Wesleyan University (BA, Chemistry), Brandeis University (MS, PhD, Chemistry) and RIT (MS, Computer Science.). After postdocing at MIT he took up full time teaching in 1970 and except for some excursions into academic administration (about 15 years worth) has been at it ever since. He has over 70 publications in the fields of reagent design, chemical education, biochemistry of insect sex pheromones, agricultural expert systems and CS education. He has authored/participated in several successful NSF grants in both science education and science itself.

Currently he is teaching in the networks, operating systems and data base areas and is participating in a grant exploring virtual theater - directing has been his hobby ever since inability to remember the script cut short his acting career (though it did give him many times to exercise his creativity.) He is looking forward to teaching this spring at the RIT campus in Croatia. He has been married to the same woman for 44 years and has two children and five grandchildren, one of who lives with them.

Research Areas

  • Networks
  • Operating Systems
  • Databases