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Dr. Mohan Kumar

Dr. Mohan Kumar
Professor and Chair

Email: mjk AT
Phone: 585.475.4583
Office: GOL-3025


Mohan's current research interests are in pervasive computing, opportunistic networks and computing, wireless networks and mobility, sensor systems and distributed computing. Prior to joining RIT, he served as Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington since spring 2001. He initiated pervasive computing research activities at CSE@UTA in 2001 and directed the Pervasive and Invisible Computing (PICO) lab. In the recent past, he was the lead PI in three NSF awards: Collaborative virtual observation in dynamic, heterogeneous environments; Distributed Opportunistic Computing; and Middleware Framework for pervasive computing. Currently, he is a Co-PI in NSF funded project, ReDS: Reputation for Directory Services in P2P Systems. During the summer of 2013, he was on a Office of Naval Research (ONR) Summer Faculty Fellowship. He was a Co-PI in a project funded by the AFRL on Middleware for Dynamic Distributed Repositories and the NSF funded ARCADIA and PSI projects. Current research work includes the application of pervasive computing into such areas as telemedicine, manufacturing and security. Kumar has supervised 15 doctoral dissertations and 28 Masters theses in the above areas. He has published over 160 refereed articles in journals and conference proceedings. He visited the Institute for Informatics and Telematics (IIT) National Research Council (CNR)Pisa, Italy in Spring 2008 and Summer 2010, the National University of Singapore in Spring 2008. He co-founded the IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom) and the Elsevier's Pervasive and Mobile Computing Journal. He served as the Program Chair, PerCom 2003 and the General Chair, PerCom 2005, and the Chair of the PerCom Steering Committee 2007-10. Mohan was a Co-General Chair of IEEE World of Wireless and Mobile and Multimedia Networks (IEEE WoWMoM) 2008. Mohan is a senior member of the IEEE.

Mohan obtained his Ph.D and MTech degrees from the Indian Institute of Science in 1992 and 1985 respectively and the BE degree from the Bangalore University in 1982. During 1992-2000, he served as a faculty at the School of Computer Science, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia. At Curtin University he lead research activities in the areas of Parallel Computing and Mobile Computing, developed laboratories and supervised 6 PhD and 5 MS Theses. Along with his students, he developed algorithms for active-networks based routing and multicasting in mobile environments and prefetching and caching in mobile and distributed systems. He received the Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Award in 1999. At the Indian Institute of Science during 1986-92, he served as a Scientific Officer and was responsible for the training of more than 100 University Professors and Industrial Engineers in the areas of microprocessors, their applications and associated developmental tools. Also, during this time he built 2 parallel computers and developed the Extended Hypercube architecture for his doctoral work for which he received the Best Thesis award for the year 1991-92.

Journal Editorships

Area Editor, Pervasive and Mobile Computing
Area Editor, Computer Communications

Areas of Current Interest (Research):

  • Pervasive and Mobile Computing
  • Opportunistic Networking and Computing
  • Sensor Systems
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing