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CS Faculty Member Appointed Vice Chair-Operations of ABET (CAC)

Professor Rajendra K. Raj has been appointed Vice Chair-Operations of the 2019-2020 ABET Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC), starting at the close of the 2019 July ABET Commission Meeting. The Vice Chair-Operations position automatically leads to an appointment as the CAC Chair-Elect in 2020-2021, and as the CAC Chair in 2021-2022.  Professor Raj has been a member of CAC’s Executive Committee since July 2016, and this new appointment will allow him to serve on the Executive Committee for another four years. This appointment marks the first time that a member of the RIT faculty has received this recognition by the CAC.

Since July 2016, Professor Raj has also chaired the CAC Criteria Committee, which was responsible for revising the accreditation criteria used for computing programs such as Computer Science, Information Technology and Information Systems. These revised criteria go into effect in the 2019-20 cycle of accreditation, and will improve the quality of more than 500 currently-accredited degree programs at over 300 US institutions and 70 non-US institutions.

During Professor Raj’s leadership of the CAC Criteria Committee, ABET also approved the new set of accreditation criteria for Cybersecurity degree programs, which have now been successfully used to accredit several high-qualioty cybersecurity programs. Among other contributions to worldwide cybersecurity education, Professor Raj served as a guest editor of the March 2019 issue of IEEE Computer that focused on curricular foundations of cybersecurity.