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Jason Harrison

Jason Harrison
Staff Assistant

Email: jason AT
Phone: 585.475.2529
Office: GOL-3005


Jason has been a Staff Assistant in the Computer Science Department at the Rochester Institute of Technology since 2003. He graduated from Trott Vocational High School in Niagara Falls, NY and attended the University of Buffalo. Before joining RIT, Jason worked for Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, NY in the Single Use Camera Department as a Packing Coordinator working with packing Robotics at a High speed capacity collecting numeric data using excel spreadsheets in the Kodak Computer Database.

Jason is currently working at the front desk servicing all clients, faculty and students, processing forms, registering them for classes and monitoring co-op registration within the co-op database. His interest with Computer Science in 1984 working with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) programming digital sequencers inside many recording studios in New York City with the famous recording artist Newcleus. In addition to this field, Jason's interests include computing connections now with Mobile Smart Phones, MP3 players, Apple iPod, Apple iPhone, Tablets, Smart T.V''s, Reuters and Modems. Jason spends his free time working out, with family, on house projects, gardening, home studies, sports and hiking.