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Computer Graphics and Visualization

Computer Graphics and Visualization


This area provides the technical foundations for studies in Computer Graphics. Areas for advanced study include Advanced Graphics Programming, Image Synthesis, Computer Animation, Virtual Reality, and Data Visualization.


Selected Research Projects

Collaborative Computer Graphics Education
In this project, we explore collaborative learning approaches for Computer Graphics via large-scale, interdisciplinary student projects that emphasize teamwork between artists and technologists.

Facial Motion Capture
In this project, we explore the application of facial motion capture data in a variety of different contexts including avatar faces, alternative modes of hands free interaction, and as health related indicators.

Gaze Manipulation
The goal of this project is to develop and test various approaches for guiding viewer attention about a display with minimal impact on the viewing experience.

Virtual Reality
In this project, we study applications and mechanisms for collaborative multimodal interactions in virtual 3D spaces. Modes of interaction include full body motion capture, gesture, eye gaze, and facial expressions. Applications include virtual theatre and distance education in virtual spaces.