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Change of Program Into CS

Change of Program Into CS

If you are a current student at RIT and are interested in possibly changing your current major to Computer Science, please review the following information, as well as review our curriculum flowcharts for either the BS program or the MS program.

NTID students in an associate degree program who are seeking admission to the Computer Science BS program should review the information and follow the process below, substituting the Intent to Enroll form for the Change of Program form.

Entrance Criteria

BS Program

1. Students must have at least a 2.8 cumulative GPA and a 3.0 GPA in technical courses (computing, math, and science if applicable).

2. Students in their first term of their first year at RIT may not apply for a change of program into Computer Science.  They must wait until they are in at least their second term to apply.

3. Students in the Computing Exploration program are able to have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA.  There is no GPA requirement for individual technical courses.

4. Students who were once in Computer Science, then completed the College Restoration Program (CRP), and who are now applying to re-enter Computer Science will have their own individualized entrance criteria, as noted on their original CRP referral.  

 **It is important to note that we cannot guarantee acceptance into Computer Science even if the above entrance criteria are met, as it will depend on the demand and on the space available in our program from term to term. The exception to this is for Computing Exploration students who are guaranteed entry with at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA.

MS Program

Applicants must satisfy prerequisite requirements in mathematics (differential and integral calculus, probability and statistics, discrete mathematics, and computer science theory) and computing (experience with a modern high-level language [e.g., C++, Java], data structures, software design methodology, introductory computer architecture, operating systems, and programming language concepts. If an applicant lacks any prerequisites, bridge courses may be recommended to provide students with the required knowledge and skills needed for the program.

Change of Program Process

If you believe Computer Science is the right fit for you, please follow the following process: 

1. Meet with your assigned academic advisor from your current home department and file an official Change of Program Application form.  Your home department will sign off on the form and will send it to us for evaluation.

2.  Your application must also include a one-page personal statement to be submitted along with the Change of Program Application form.  This statement should include the following information:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Why you are applying for Change of Program
  • Your academic strengths
  • Why you believe you will be successful in the Computer Science program
  • Your professional goals and interests

Applications that do not contain this personal statement will not be considered.

Time Frame for Change of Program Processing:

The Computer Science Department will process Change of Program requests twice per year:

  1. Applications received no later than the last day of classes for the Fall semester will be considered for Change of Program beginning in the subsequent Spring semester.
  2. Applications received no later than the last day of classes for the Spring semester will be considered for Change of Program beginning in the subsequent Fall semester (although technically the Change of Program will be processed beginning with the Summer term.)

In each case, applications received by the deadline will be held as pending, and processed once grades for the Fall (or Spring) term have posted. 

 Generally Acceptable Coursework

BS Program

All coursework will be evaluated on an individual basis, however, there may be alternative courses used in place of required courses as noted below. Students who do not take the typical courses required may need to learn some topics on their own in order to be fully prepared to take additional Computer Science courses.

1. General Education coursework as well as YearOne and Wellness can be applied. Keep in mind that Computer Science has specific Math and Science requirements and also restricts choices for the Ethical Perspective.

2. In place of CSCI 141/142 (Computer Science I/II), students may use IGME 105/106 (Game Development and Algorithmic Problem Solving I/II), ISTE 120/121 (Computational Problem Solving in the Information Domain I/II), CPET 121/321 (Computational Problem Solving I/II) (students who substitute this course sequence will be required to take an additional Computer Science Elective).

3. In place of MATH 190 (Discrete Mathematics for Computing), students may use MATH 200 (Discrete Mathematics and Introduction to Proofs).

4. In place of MATH 181/182 (Project-Based Calculus I/II), students may use MATH 171/172/173 (Calculus A/B/C), MATH 181A/182A (Calculus I/II). Students must have taken the Math Placement Exam here at RIT and earned a score in order to enroll in a calculus course, or have received appropriate Advanced Placement or transfer credit for calculus.

5. Students in majors that require co-op may be allowed to apply their co-op experiences to satisfy the Computer Science co-op requirement, but these experiences are evaluated on a case by case basis.

Further Steps and Contact Information

Once you have read the above information and have reviewed the curriculum flowchart for either the BS program or the MS program, if you still have questions and would like to meet with someone from Computer Science, you may contact the following:

BS Program
Rebecca O'Connor
Academic Advisor
Last Names: A-Ch
rebecca AT

Mina Pulcini
Sr. Academic Advisor
Last Names: Ci-K
mina AT

Don Denz
Academic Advisor
Last Names: L-Sh
don AT

Christina Rohr
Academic Advisor
Last Names: Si-Z
christina AT
(Appointments available through the Computer Science main office)

MS Program
Dr. Hans-Peter Bischof
Graduate Program Director
hpb AT

If you feel comfortable with this information and do not feel the need to meet with someone from Computer Science, then you do not have to, and can go ahead and submit your official application. You can start to plan to enroll in appropriate Computer Science courses for the upcoming term, but please note that Computer Science courses are restricted initially to students currently in the major. You will need to wait until the restrictions lift to enroll or wait list for Computer Science courses.